17 June 2008

The trend as of late has been to bash your ex-employer. But just be sure to wait several months after your employment has been "terminated" before doing so.

The question is: Has ex-Nationwide Series official Mauricia Grant become NASCAR's Scott McClellan? And why, like McClellan, did Grant wait for so long after her "dismissal" to complain? Why did neither she nor McClellan express discontentment while employed in their respective jobs?

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25 March 2008

It was a refreshing change of pace (pardon the pun) to see Scott Wimmer break the "Buschwackers'" winning streak in last Saturday's Nationwide race in Nashville. The young season had been dominated by Sprint Cup drivers--formerly known as "Buschwackers"--Cup drivers who also ran in the Busch Series (now Nationwide). Tony Stewart won the first two races, and Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth, and Clint Bowyer each garnered one victory.

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23 February 2008

The 2008 season has barely begun, and NASCAR has already apportioned out myriads of penalties. First came the confrontation between Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch during practice for the Bud Shootout, for which both drivers were put on probation for the first six Cup races. But true to its promise of returning "back to the basics" (or, in other words, allowing drivers to freely express their emotions as in days of old), NASCAR did not punish Stewart or Busch for their verbal or alleged physical combat while meeting with officials.

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20 February 2008

For the past few seasons, Hendrick Motorsports has dominated in NASCAR victory lane. And with the addition of Dale Jr. to the Hendrick fold, few expected that pattern would change this year. Initially, things were going as planned--Jr. taking the Bud Shootout and then winning the first Gatorade 150 qualifying race.

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