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Cherie Burbach is an online dating consultant and the Dating Feature Writer for Suite101. She’s also an authority on, and the author of three books of poetry, including her latest, Father’s Eyes.

She blogs about America’s Next Top Model, Dating, and the new hit show, Private Practice.

Readers have resonated with Cherie’s honest and inspirational “This I Believe” essay for NPR radio, which has also been published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. After a year and a half, her essay is the second-most popular out of over 31,000 entries on the NPR website.

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Sad Day in Packerland posted on 01/21/2008

It’s a sad day in Packerland. 


There’s been a lot of talk about Brett and that interception, but I don’t blame him.  He doesn’t win the games alone and he doesn’t lose them alone. 


No, our team didn’t play up to their potential.  We had countless stupid and costly penalties and we missed every opportunity we were given. 


It’s a sad loss because we came so close.  It’s sad because the other team didn’t play that much better… but yet better enough to kick our butts.  It’s sad because I would have liked a rematch against those known cheaters:  The Patriots.  They’ve been caught cheating TWICE (first in 2005 and then in 2007) and yet their little scandal has been hushed up and overlooked in light of their “undefeated” season.

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Fans Helping Their Teams (At Least in their Own Mind) posted on 01/12/2008

So…. The Packer game starts in a couple hours, and…


I’m nervous.


As nervous as a fan can be.  I just about panicked earlier because I couldn’t find my Packer shirt. 


Here’s the thing:  I have LOTS of Packer shirts, so I have others I could have chosen. 


But this one’s important.  This is the one I’ve worn all year.  Every game.  If I wore a different shirt and my team lost… well, I’d never forgive myself.  This is the play-offs, after all.


Superstitious you say?  Perhaps.


But I’d prefer to think about it as simply being a good fan. 


Maybe it comes from watching your favorite team with hope and crossed fingers year after year for MANY YEARS.  You get in the habit of simply trying to

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Best NFL Announcers posted on 01/12/2008

If there’s one thing that can turn a football fan’s excitement down a notch right before a game, it’s finding out your game has been given a less-than-stellar announcing crew.  Part of determining that your team is getting some well-deserved NFL love is realizing which announcing crew you’ve been assigned. 


After all, a great announcing crew will give you the play by play when the camera doesn’t pick it up.  When a flag is thrown and the announcing crew yaks on about their fishing trips, wives, or someone hair in the stand rather than tell you why the flag was thrown, you know you’ve got an issue.


To illustrate this point, remember the Packer-Minnesota game on the NFL network this year?  We got to hear Cris Collinsworth and Bryant Gumbel fumble their way through that one.  The announcing, especially on Gumbel’s part, was absolutely a joke.  As fans at home, we were tempted to turn off the sound and watch the game with the radio on instead.

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No Half-Dressed Cheerleaders for Green Bay Packers posted on 01/03/2008

Know one thing I appreciate about being a Packer fan?

No half-dressed slutty girls OOPS I MEAN cheerleaders on the sidelines. 

It’s not because I’m a gal and don’t want to see other gals shake their junk.  In fact, it’s fine that other teams have the cheerleaders/dancers/scantily dressed babes shaking their good for the world to see.  But I don’t want that for the Packers.

Each team has their own brand.  And there’s something quaint and charming about the fact that the Green Bay Packers use the local high school cheerleaders as their cheerleading squad, and they’re all bundled up and wholesome.  Not teasing.  Not young girls showing they got.  Not a distraction to the game or eye candy for the viewing public.

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Ref Fined $8,000 for "Choking" Barnett posted on 01/02/2008

Did you guys see the ref pull Nick Barnett off of the pile last week when the Packers played the Bears?  Well that ref got fined over $8,000 for “choking” Barnett.

Now, I think this is a bit excessive.  After all, are you seriously trying to tell me that old ref, with the big old baldhead, actually used enough force to hurt Barnett?  I doubt it.

The worst part was that Coach Mike McCarthy actually said the ref was out of line.  What about Barnett?  If McCarthy is going to comment on it, he should comment on the actions of his players, first. 

What I want to know is, why was Barnett so hyped up?  He was jawing and starting up all through the game.  I know losing to the Bears is the worst possible thing imaginable as a Packer fan, but as a fan I can’t stand to see the fighting, either.

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